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How do I get started with the Marketwell app?

Option 1 – App

Apple App Store; Click here and download the app.
Google Play;  Click here and download the app.

  • Choose «Create new user»
  • Link to create your own password will be automatically sent to your email address.
  • Log in with your email adress and chosen password.

*Note: It takes a few hours to activate the order function if you have applied for the ordering module.

Option 2 – Website
Click here and fill in the form.
MW Customer Service will then reach out to you and help you create a user for you and possibly your colleagues.

Option 3 – Brand supplier
Contact your lokal sales representative, then they will help you get started.

What can I use the Marketwell app for?

You can use Marketwell to read about news, inspiration, information, training and promotions. You can look at new products from your chosen Industry, and last but not least, place an order if you have access to the ordering module or join a webinar or training session.

How fast can I start using the app?


*Note: Product ordering can take a few hours to activate if you are a new user.

How do I delete my Marketwell app and account?

You can delete the App and your digital profile from Marketwell in several ways;
Go to “Settings” and “Apps” on your phone and select “Remove app”.
You can also delete your digital profile card via the App either from your profile by selecting “contact Marketwell” or in chat on the web or mobile solution.

What if my phone is stolen/lost?

Go to Find Iphone and put your Apple device in “Lost Mode”. Then your Apple device will no longer work with your Apple ID.

You can log in to with your Apple ID, and remove the Marketwell App from your device from there, the same goes for Google Play.

You can also contact Marketwell’s Customer Service.

What happens with my Marketwell app if I get a new phone?

With normal setup via iTunes or iCloud, Apple will remember your settings and apps, as will Google Play for Android phones. When updating, Marketwell is automatically downloaded to your new phone.

If you change company or e-mail address, please contact our customer service by chat or e-mail and they will help you register the changes in your account.


Can I add more Brands/Product Series/Suppliers in the Marketwell app?

Of course!

You can register multiple vendors in Marketwell via chat or email. If we do not currently have that series available, we will get in touch.

If you do not see your favorite products, feel free to send us a message on chat.

Can I use Marketwell abroad?

Of course!

The Marketwell App works on your phone worldwide, as long as you are connected to the internet.
Delivery will be connected to the country of your business address.

Is there amount limits on purchases in Marketwell?

Marketwell follows the minimum amount limits that apply to your customer relationship with your supplier.
i.e. minimum purchase “box of  6 items” or “free freight over the amount of…”.

There are no amount limits beyond that set by Marketwell.

Who has access to my personal information or transactions?

No one except Marketwell staff. You can see an overview of your transactions made with Marketwell under “Orders”, and the Brand who has recieved your order of course get a copy.

Do I need access to the Internet when ordering products with Marketwell?

No, the phone communicates with Marketwell via mobile data (4G), and wireless internet access is not required.

What Brands/Vendors are using the Marketwell Platform?

We are offering the Marketwell Platform to all Brands/Vendors/Chains/Shops.

It is the Brand owner or Brand distributor who decide if they want to incorporate the Marketwell platform as a part of their digital strategy.

To see the complete list of Brands in the platform please visit “Portfolio” in our website.


What does it cost to use Marketwell?

For shops
Marketwell does not charge any fees for using the Marketwell app in store with the current basic solution.
We may in the future launch products or services that will be payable.

For Chains
The Marketwell platform is also available as a chain solution. If this is interesting for you/your workplace please let us know so we can set up a demo.

For Brands/Product owners/Distributors
The Marketwell platform is open to all brands/product owners and distributors. The price is based on modules, activity and portfolio.

For more information please visit our pricing plans page or contact us for more information.

Product & Pricing

How do I pay for the products I order?

You will receive an invoice from your supplier as before. You retain your terms as agreed.
In the future you will also be able to pay with credit card.

Can I use Marketwell if my vendor account is blocked?

Yes, you can always use the Marketwell app, but if you try to order products you either have to pay up front by card or we can foreward your order to the product owner, but it is then up to the product distributor what happens next.

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