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Lova Skin

Instant Foot Peeling

The foot peel that gives you soft, supple and well-groomed feet in just a few steps. A brand new and magical «It» product for the feet of Skincare Salons and SPA’s. Instant Foot Peeling is a professional foot treatment that immediately removes dry and hard skin on the feet, and gives visible results in less than 2 minutes! Clinically tested.

– Removes hard skin in just one minute from the first application
– Removes rough skin under and around the feet
– Counteracts hard / thick skin, thrush and cracked skin on the feet
– Moisturizes and protects
– Makes the skin softer and smoother
– Keeps the feet healthy and fresh
– Tips; Can also be used on elbows, knees and hands

The brand is now available in the marketwell app.



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