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Expressive Beauty

Matis combines the best of nature, delicate plant scents and pleasant textures with advanced science for the development of versatile skin care products for women and men. Matis has dedicated her expertise to beauty for over 80 years, is represented in over 70 countries and is considered one of the internationally leading skin care series in salons and spas around the world. If you choose Matis as a partner, you get an advanced high-tech series that focuses on the best from nature that is processed in the laboratory for optimal effects and a high tolerance limit and minimal allergic reactions. A beautiful series of complete therapeutic treatments. Matis has won several cosmetics and beauty awards internationally for the most effective, best and comfortable products.

Matis is a pioneer in advanced plant technology, where Matis' laboratory is among the leaders in the world. The head office is centrally located in beautiful Paris.

The brand is now available in the marketwell app.



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