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User Terms when creating a user on Marketwell AS

Updated 15. February 2021

These User Terms apply when creating a user in the Marketwell app. The current User Terms will always be available on your personal pages of the website and on the app you will find the User Terms under the app’s settings. 


The User Terms determine the commercial terms for use of the Marketwell app and the processing of personal data that takes place within this service Marketwell works to give you a customized and good experience as a user of the app, as well as other services we provide. 


Marketwell’s core business is to provide a platform where users (skin care professionals, hairdressers, nail designers, etc.) can easily find information, courses and training and buy from multiple suppliers and brands. 


From time to time we will update these terms of use. In the event of changes, we will inform you directly about the update via an e-mail to the address you have provided when registering, and when logging in to the app. Below you will find the purposes for which we use your personal information. 



Responsibility for the processing of your personal data

The responsibility for processing personal data lies with Marketwell AS. If you have questions, or if you want to contact us, you can do this here: 

Address: Undelstadveien 18, 1387 Asker, Norge 

Telephone: +47 90 73 31 37 




Purpose of the treatment

In order to deliver our services, we depend on you giving us information about yourself. In some cases, we need to collect information about you in order to provide the service. Marketwell only collects information about existing users and customers that we require in order to deliver the service we are to deliver to you. 


All information you provide about yourself when registering a user, ordering or subscribing to a newsletter is personal information. We will process all personal information in accordance with applicable privacy rules, and your information will not be used for any purpose other than that for which it was provided. 


You can delete your user profile at any time, or change your communication settings by logging in to the app and visiting your private pages. 


Reason for the collection of personal data


In order to collect and process personal data, there must be a reason. As a provider of the Marketwell app, we have assessed and concluded the following: 


  • The Personal Data Act Art.6 no.1 b, to be able to collect and process personal data such as: name, address, telephone and e-mail, is necessary to fulfill the agreement with you.
  • The Personal Data Act Art.6 no. 1 c, in order to be able to process information such as: invoice and payment history, is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation incumbent on Marketwell AS.
  • The Personal Data Act Art.6 no.1 f, in order to be able to obtain and process information such as: usage and purchase history and inquiries is after careful assessment necessary for activities related to the legitimate interests that are pursued.
  • The Personal Data Act Art.6 no. 1 a, the data subject’s consent to process data for marketing purposes. Obtaining consent is done by signing up to receive newsletters or via the private pages in the Marketwell app. 


Use and Analysis

To give you access to our service (app) and deliver the products you have ordered, we need some basic personal information. 

  • Delivery: We need your full name and address to deliver a complete order to our suppliers in the Marketwell app, and email address and password so that you can easily log in and manage your subscription on the private pages of the app.
  • Security and ease of use: To secure your information, save you time and ensure ease of use there is a personal login solution where you create your user via a URL. The private pages of the app gives you an overview and control over your data.
  • Quality assured product: We use customer data and their usage to analyze, and to give us understanding and insight into needs and trends. We do this to be able to further develop our services, and make sure to offer you a user-friendly and up-to-date product. Your data is collected, stored and analyzed so that Marketwell can deliver good and user-friendly services. 
  • Customized service: We want to give you a good user experience. Therefore, we want to know more about your use of our services and websites. This is done using tools such as Google Analytics. 

Information: As a user of Marketwell, we want to tell you about changes and new functionality so you get the most out of the service.  


Personal information we process

We store, process and perform actions based on the following personal information:   

  • Information to confirm your identityFull name, e-mail address, telephone number, employer / salon 
  • AgreeProducts and services you want to get information about 
  • Order and payment historyFor example orders, order confirmation and invoice and payment history 
  • Usage historyFor example, login history, use of our other websites / services, and which other pages you visit on our websites. 
  • CommunicationFor example, incoming and outgoing inquiries, complaints about delivery and information / notifications related to customer relationships and user profile 


In ‘My Page you can see what personal information is stored about you. Here you can also delete the usage log and make changes to settings. 


Where do we get your information

First and foremost, your personal information is gathered when registering a user profile and through the use of our services as well as our website  


Your personal information may also have been obtained by you registering for a course with one of our partners and requesting to be registered. In these cases, the course provider will send out an invitation that you must actively accept. 


You can make changes to your settings and what personal information is inside the app. 


Data storage and systems


We store your data within the EU / EEA. Where we have chosen data processors and suppliers of software outside Norway and the EU / EEA, we have checked that these follow the EU standard for the processing of personal data. Marketwell stores and processes personal data in the following systems 

  • Amazon (database) 
  • Sanity (CMS website) 
  • Hubspot (CRM and marketing) 
  • Accounting system 
  • Online payment solution  


Data processors and Third Parties

Marketwell does not sell your personal information and does not disclose your information to third parties without your consent, except when necessary for us to perform our contractual or statutory obligations. We can e.g. use data processors to:  

  • Invoicing 
  • Take online payments 
  • When we develop our services 

In cases where we use service providers to perform technical services and further develop the service, this will be carefully regulated in a data processor agreement. 


Use of Marketwell’s services (app) and websites involves the storage and processing of data by third parties. 

When you use our website and app with third-party plugins, such as sharing articles on Facebook, placing comments on Facebook, the tool on our pages, or if you click on a an automated advert, you share personal data with third parties. To find out how these third parties process your personal information, you need to go to the settings for the individual service.   

Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram 



These third parties are responsible for their own privacy policies 


Deletion and anonymous procedures

Your personal data is anonymised or deleted according to these procedures 

If you have terminated your user in the app, the following happens 

  • All data usage becomes anonymous within 90 days (backup within 90 days) 
  • All financial data is stored in accordance with the Accounting Act  


If you have stopped using the service but have not deleted your user and do not have active newsletters, the following happens 

  • All data usage is routinely made anonymous after 12 months 
  • All consents are deleted immediately (backup within 30 days) 
  • All financial data is stored in accordance with the Accounting Act 


Your rights

In order for us to process your personal information as described in these terms of use, you must have actively registered and accepted these terms. In order for Marketwell to contact you digitally, in addition to information about the service and what is included in these terms of use, we must have your consent. 


  • Consent can be withdrawn at any time. 
  • You have the right to know what personal information we store and process, you can find this by visiting your private pages of the app. To gain further access, you must identify yourself by submitting a scanned driver’s license or passport, as well as customer ID and mobile number. 
  • You are entitled to correct your personal information if you believe we have incorrect information stored about you. 
  • You can request that your personal data be provided to you. 
  • You have the right to complain about the treatment. You can send your complaint to us at: or to Datatilsynet 



You can log in to the app at any time and cancel your user, or you can contact us at  


Security and privacy

Your privacy is important to us and we work continuously to improve procedures, as well as secure our users and subscribers’ personal data. We regularly review our processing of personal data for your security. 


In our privacy statement which is available at the bottom of our website and in the app, you can read more about how we process your personal information. 

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